Joelle – Nothing But the Glam Please

I just had to reblog this post. Kylie Sabra has come a long way since starting her career. Kylie Sabra is an SL/RL graphic artist, three-time Avi Choice Award winner, and Director of The Rose Art Gallery at The Rose Theatre ( Curator, Shakti Adored). She has one three Avi Choice Awards during her tenure as Curator of the galleries from 2011 – 2015. In 2014, she was nominated for three Avi Choice Awards in fashion: Best New Designer, Best Formal Wear Designer and Best Casual Wear Designer. Second Life Newser named her Runner-up in their Person of the Year recognition–following behind Ebbe Linden, Linden Lab’s CEO–for her work as founder of the then United Content Creators of Second Life and her work in effecting change to the 2013/2014 Terms of Service.

This designer is one to keep watching in the future. I know I will be. Good Luck Kylie! xoxo

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