Review Policy

To all Designers interested in my blogging for them, whether once or a regular basis. I admire the work you put into your items, regardless of the style or background you have, from fantasy elements to the highest level of haute couture. I take my responsibility to you as seriously as one might take a paying job in the real world. I have been blogging since April, 2011 and I’ve been blessed to receive more and more from multiple sources to review and advertise. If you send more than one item I reserve the right to chose which one or two to blog. I will open, try on, and choose the one’s I would like to blog or have time to blog.  I will try to make sure your item is blogged in a reasonable time. I will blog a little bit of everything. I can go to grand openings, parties, and events, take photos, and blog that if I have time to dedicate to it and to do the job well. If I find a new designer I might make some exceptions to get their name out.  If I cannot say something positive about your work, I will not blog it. I do not have any group space to join your group but you can send me something still and I will be happy to consider blogging for you. I will contact you when I receive a package from you to let you know I have received it and will be able to let you know what my schedule is like.  I ask that you send me the slur to your shop and a full perm logo so i may add it to my blog as someone I have blogged for. If you do not get feedback from me, it’s very likely that SL interfered. It’s up to you if you want to resend. If you try to contact me by im and i do not answer, i will contact you as soon as I am free, otherwise you are welcome to send a notecard because I am capped several times a day.  . I value each of you regardless how long you’ve been in world designing. I offer a professional service. If you have input regarding how I blog your items, I’m open minded and listen. I keep personal conversations with each designer very private. I do my best to adhere to the TOS. Thank you for allowing me the honor of working with you.

Blue Porchers

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