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!Face Paint, Meet Willow and Lilly

Meet Willow at Face Paint

Meet Lilly at Face Paint

!Face Paint by Eve Express

The new skin lines, Abbie, Tess, Sammie, Willow, and Lilly will be at the Skin Fair for everyone to buy. If you’d like to take a sneak peak, go to the shop and they are already on display. Each skin comes with a lash version and a clean version. All the above picture are the lash versions. On willow I added some of Eve’s new OMG it’s Gloss.

I’d like to thank Eve for letting me do these skins for her. I guess we’re not her guinea pigs, we’re Eve’s Victims and I’m proud to be one of them.




I know I just published this blog this morning but I found I had a quick pic of Abbie, Sammie and Tess. So here they are.