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Charltina’s is honored to invite you to our Dancing into Fall Fashion Show on Friday October 12, 2012 at 12 Noon SLT.

The show is filled with love and we hope to have the honor of your presence.

You will need to get an invite to the land group to come to the show. Due to security risks, we will have our land closed off for this show.

We look forward to seeing many of our honored guests, at this auspicious occasion where we shall be honoring Mr Frolic Mills for his countless innovation and pioneer ship in the Fashion Industry. Mr Barney Helendale and Lady Charltina and all the Models and Staff decided this is how we would honor Mr Frolic on his Birthday. We hope you come and experience this amazing event,
Secondly we will be honoring Mr Enzo Champagne for his contribution to the fashion industry & his well won, great return to Second Life.

Finally we will be in celebration of all our troops working hard around the world. We are delighted our own Lady Caryn’s, Mr Scott has also returned home safely.

We hope you come and experience this very special birthday card and tribute of triumph over adversities, delivered in elegance and poise from the runway from Charltina’s to all of you with Love and Style.

Lady Charltina Christensen, CEO
Lady Helen Zhora, COO
Lady Kim, Assistant COO
Mr Barney Helendale, Director of Charities & Concerns
Lady Issy Flatley, Director of Sponsorship &
Charltina’s Designers Network
THE BALLADEER Director of Human Relations & Music
Lady Aradia Mistwood, Executive Marketing Director

Please get your tickets now by reserving your seat by contacting: Lady Aradia Mistwood for tickets or any of Charltina’s Models & Staff.

Blue Porchers, Charltina's Top Model

Blue Porchers, Charltina’s Top Model

I am proud to call Charltina  Christensen my Mum

Please join me in this wonderful event

Hugs, Blue