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Cleo Couture and Artistry by -E-

I received a group notice about a purple gown at Cleo Couture, so I tp’d over there and the owner was there and greeted me. She was very helpful and ended up in a long conversation and showed me her sim. I bought the gown called Plumb Royle by Cleo Couture. It’s gorgeous!  Cleo and I became friends and she even put a store in my mall. 🙂 I knew I had to blog this gown and knew I had just the right jewelry to wear with it.

The jewelry is called The Dagmar Set by Endra Graves at Artistry by -E-. It’s lovely purple amethyst with gold metal is just beautiful.

Both of these designers are great and you need to check them out.

Cleo Couture

Artistry by -E-

Plumb Royale and The Dagmar Set

Plumb Royal and The Dagmar Set