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Just thinking and pondering ..

Vann, you said a mouth full but one other point that I’d like to make is this; Models that work hard, give up your personal time, put your whole heart into what you do sometimes seem to still get overlooked. It seems some of these contests, and agencies are more about who you know, and seem more like playing favorites. It seems like the same people are winning all the time. We all have experienced that feeling that no matter how hard you try to do your best, be unique, and do a good job, we still don’t seem to get ahead. I’ve been lucky most of my career making my first Super Model tag in 4yrs of modeling, but have also experienced that feeling. For anyone that is just starting out or thinking about being a model do your best, be unique, but be yourself and have fun. SL is supposed to be all about having fun and when we want careers some forget that it’s supposed to be fun. Then there are some like me, I admit, that I don’t think of SL as just a game. There are real people behind these avatars and we do get hurt. I gave up a lot and have worked very hard in my 6yrs to be where I am. I concentrated on my career and climbing that ladder of success and gave up so much. Please if you get anything from Vann or myself it’s remember you are a good individual and will have times of hurt, failure, but also great times of success and FUN! I love all of my friends and co workers and wouldn’t change anything to be where I am today. Have fun, be yourself, and enjoy your time in this Virtual World that some of us love so much! Vann, I know you’re a good person, unique, and a good stylist. I just wanted to thank you for voicing what so many of us think and feel. It’s good for a new or potential model to hear what they might go through in this world of fashion/modeling. I ‘m honored to call you my friend and have had the priviledge of working with you. Stay the way you are, and you will get your chance. I am confident of that fact. I love ya gf. Take care everyone, big hugs, and love! Blue Porchers xoxo

Pixel Style

My fashion blog is for fashion stylings typically.. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not shy or quiet but I do keep things to myself….. So excuse me why I rant a lil bit….

I do not know how to put into words my frustration with sl contests. I enter i get only so far then bam… I’m done. Its not a bad thing i love doing them I am just kicking and knocking on every door I come across and its like I don’t have the golden ticket just yet… Eventually someone will give it to me lol..

Tried for MVW, got in, got cut. so no top 13 for me …Tried for MISS Vero Modern 2016 made it only to pre- finalist stage… Hoping I have better luck with some other things in the works. Sometimes I question my self as all models do * i should have…

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