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Hair Fair is now OPEN to the Public

I had to reblog this since it’s such a worthy cause. This map and explanations below the map should come in real handy. Please lower your script counts and prim count to the minimum before you get there. Thank you!
Super Model

Hair Fair Second Life

HF2014 Map

The sims are 4 main sims, with two additional landing point only sims for the first few days of the event.

The same way as the last few years, the booths are all on the one side of the pathways only. So if you stay to the left and follow the path you will see every single Hair Fair store.

We will as always have Landing Point only set. We will have a map board with LM’s giver and slurls notecards at the landing points. To use these efficiently right click the LM of the store you wish to visit and choose the SHOW ON MAP option. This will open the World Map for you, and show you were you are, what direction you are facing and a red circular beacon will appear at the destination. This will help you find your way.

All purchases at Hair Fair will donate a percentage…

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