Ok ladies, you have to go get these jeans. They are so cool. The new French Designer at ..::OPOPOP::.. brings us Ridicool Jeans. They come in black, black with holes, dark wash, and dark wash with holes. And guess what? They also are available in mens. lol She has her great looking, what I call neon blue, logo on the back at the waistband. As you can see in  the pictures they even say Ridicool down the left leg. SSooooooooooo go and get them. They are new this week end, never before been on the shelves and not on marketplace yet. If the designer is in the store, her name is Oursinette Bruun, tell her Blue sent ya. lol

Here’s the rest of the stylecard,

D*L Just a Girl Mesh Corset in Red PolkaDots

A&A Janey Black Hair

Nx Nardcotix Iceli Full Spiked Stiletto

1 thought on “..::OPOPOP::.. AND DORE’ LIMITED

  1. carynashdene

    It’s neat when designers take something like the mesh pants and really try to make them their own. With templates so proliferate right now, there are many many look-a-likes. This isn’t one of them. I’m going to have to check out Ridicool. And personally, anyone who stops to make a few men’s garments are great!



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