Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

Face Paint

Face Paint Sparkle Shadow Smoke and Glitter Lip Pumpkin

Face Paint Sparkle Shadow Sky and Glitter Lip Pink

Face Paint Sparkle Shadow Purple and Glitter Lip Aqua

Face Paint Sparkle Shadow Blue and Glitter Lip Red

Eve Express is the owner/designer of Face Paint. It’s a great makeup store with her new skin line coming soon. I had the honor of being one of her guinea pigs when she was creating the red glitter lip. It was great fun so I decided to blog about the new line. Each Glitter Lip comes with a Sparkle Shadow that can be worn separately. Most of her new products come out on Fifty5 Linden Thursday so tp over and while you’re there have a look around the whole shop. It’s a great store.

After editing these pictures I realized I should have worn different hair so you could see the shadow better. I apologize for that. Have fun and enjoy the store