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LeeZu and Artistry by -E-

This is a great pair of shorts from LeeZu called Loui. I love that it has a matching top, which comes separately, and the shorts have the flexi on the bottom so that it almost looks like a skirt. It’s a great casual outfit, I like to call it casual chic, with summer on it’s way. Like I said before, LeeZue Baxter can do no wrong.

Now, the jewelry is by Endra Graves from Artistry by -E- and it’s fabulous. The earrings are medium size circles and the neclace has diamonds, which I love. The necklace looks delicate and it’s just opposite of the bangles. They are wide and flashy. You can’t miss them. All the pieces are in gold. Thank you Endra for the lovely gift. 🙂 Since she was kind enough to gift this set called The Indira Set, I wanted to do this blog.

You can find LeeZu at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/To%20The%20Nines/133/129/23

Artistry by -E- at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Paris%20Eiffel/148/203/23

LeeZu Loui Set and Artistry by -E- Indria Set

LeeZu Loui Set and Artistry by -E- Indria Set

LeZzu Loui and Artistry Indira Set


Outfit:LeeZu Loui Set

Jewelry: Indira Set by Artistry by -E-

Hair: Tambrey by Damselfly