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Mu-Shi Doll

Tonight I have a sexy new dress from Mu-Shi Doll called Lace Dress Ally. It’s a sexy dress made of lace and it’s sheer. I love it. It comes in three colors and of course, I’ve taken pics of all three. They also include earrings and 2 bracelets. Hope you enjoy them and go check them out in person. 🙂

Mu-Shi Doll Lace Dress Ally White

Mu-Shi Doll Lace Dress Ally Grey

Mu-Shi Doll Lace Dress Ally Black


Outfit: Mu-Shi Doll Lace Dress

includes 2 bracelets and earrings

Hair: Posh Black by Exile

Shoes: Essence “neige” by N-Core

Mu-Shi Doll – Zelkogirl.solo


Vivianne’s Fashion

Now you’re in for a treat Vivianne Hobble from Vivianne’s Fashion has a new outfit out today. It’s a babydoll top which you do not have to wear the flexi part, so then it looks like a tank top. It is paired with a blue jean mini skirt, It comes in 6 colors, of which I will show you, but I almost forgot the good part. It comes with little pair of socks and some sneakers. Please have a look at these 6 outfits and I’d like your comments please. Thank you.XD

VF Sarah Blue

VF Sarah Blue without the flexi

VFSarah Bown

VF Sarah Green

VF Sarah Grey

`VF Sarah Pink

VF Sarah Purple

Vivianne Fashions – Vivianne Hobble


Nilsy New Outift

Nils Tomorrow, Designer for Nils Island Store, has several new dresses out today. I hurriedly received one to blog. I love it. It has a Gold Satin Top with a lovely Crochet mini skirt. My words cannot do justice for this outfit so here’s the pictures I took at one of the Costa Rica Sims. I hope you like it too 🙂

Nilsy Gold Satin Top with Crochet Skirt

Next is a little closer so you can see more detail.

Nilsy Gold Satin Top with Crochet Skirt


Outfit: Nilsy Gold Satin Top with Crochet Skirt by Nilss Tomorrow at Nilsy

Hair: *Goddess* Black by EMO-tions

Jewelry: JCNY Covergirl, Necklace and Earrings

Savannah Hyper Gem Bracelet

Shoes: SOUL XtremeHeel II “Wild Special Edition”

Makeup: LesMakeup_Summertime 02 by Miamai

Nails: Janette In Pink by Virtual Impressions

Eyelashes: Inspiration by glow studio

Nils Island Store – Nils Tomorrow


Mu-Shi Doll


I have two great dresses from Mu-Shi Doll. The first one is one of my favorites, as my friends know, I love fur! This dress is a black, low cut, mini with a fur vest.It has a big belt with a resize script, for us with tiny waist, lol and also the fur vest is resizable. I decided to glam it up with hair from Purple Moon and jewelry from CCD.

Now, the second dress is also a black mini with a wide belt but this one is so sexy. It’s made out of lace, yes Ladies, I said a black lace mini dress. Your man will love you in this dress. I decided to go to Hawaii to snap the pics so I hope you like.

Mu-Shi Doll Milly Black


Outfit: Mu-Shi Doll Milly Black

Hair: Purple Moon – Ina in Copper (Runway Hair)

Jewelry: CCD – Pure – Butterfly

Necklace, Earrings, 2 Bracelets, and Ring

Mu-Shi Doll Sin Black


Outfit: Mu-Shi Doll Black

Hair: Purple Moon – Ina in Copper (Runway Hair)

Jewelry: CCD – Pure – Butterfly

Shoes: N-Core OBSESSION XtremeHeel II

Mu-Shi Doll – Zelkogirl.solo



Greetings Fashionistas,

I have the honor of presenting to you another new store. It’s called [SM:USH] and the designer’s name is Bubbles Cyberstar. Today I’m presenting her freebie. It’s called Hooka Dress – Fiery. It has a pink undershirt with a black cut-out striped top over it. It’s really cool. Go check out [SM:USH] and Bubbles good work. Remember they are new and still setting up so you will see more of her designs in the near future.


Top: [SM:USH] Hooka Dress – Fiery

Pants: [Pink} Director High Waist Pant – Cream

Jewelry and Nails: [Mandala] Milky Way Ring and Nails Gaga Black

Hair: Cake Faith Black II Flexi hair by Sassy Waffle

Sm:ush] – Bubbles Cyberstar


Mu-Shi Doll

Summer is almost here so it’s time to look for cooler clothing. That’s exactly what I found at Mu-Shi Doll. This pair of Mu-Shi Doll Blue Jeans Jumper is the order of the day.  With the zippered front and the buttons on the bottom sides of the shorts, it makes for a sensible and comfortable outfit. Easy to jump into, grab the matching bag, and take off for an easy day of shopping or doing just about anything. This outfit comes in grey also.

Mu-Shi Doll Blue Jeans Jumper

Outfit: Mu-Shi Doll Blue Jeans Jumper

Mu-Shi Doll Grey Jeans Jumper

Outfit: Mu-Shi Doll Grey Jeans Jumper

Mu-Shi Doll – Zelkogirl.solo