Artistry by E & LeeZu


Since this is my first blog I wanted to do it about two of my favorite designers. Endra Graves and LeeZu Baxter. These ladies are very good at what they do. I am honored to be able to wear their designs. To take these pictures I went to the place where Artistry by -E- is located. Paris, under the Eiffle Tower. hope you enjoy. LeeZu ia located at

Endra Graves has just come out with a new jewelry set called The Harmony Set, and I was honored with getting the prototype. I loved it. It comes with a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet in the following metals: Gold, Platinum, Silver, Blackmetal, Copper, Bronze and Rosegold. Ladies you have to hurry to Paris and get you a set or more. Endra is back in SL after a short leave and she is the jeweler to watch. Keep following me and you will see much more from this Lady.

What can I say about LeeZu Baxter, Her designs are extraordinary. I believe I own at least half of her clothing. LOL I chose to wear three of my favorites and I hope you like them too. I started with my favorite top called La Goa Necklace Top/Black. Then my favorite skirt, Zarah Flexi Skirt/White and topped it off with Margo Jacket/Snow.

Style Card:

Jacket – LeeZu, Margo Jacket/Snow

Top – LeeZu, Ls Goa Necklace Top/Black

Skirt – Zarah Flexi Skirt/White

Hair – Exile – City Chic/Autumn

Jewelry – Artistry by -E- The Harmony Set

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